How do farmers grow giant, supersized fruits and vegs?


How do farmers grow giant, supersized fruits and vegs?

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You grow 10 pumpkins. Take the biggest one and save the seeds. Use the seeds to grow 10 more pumpkins. Save biggest one’s seeds and use them to plant 10 more pumpkins from which you save biggest one’s seeds….repeat. that among great environment like good balance if water, fertiliser and sun. There is a guy somewhere in Scotland or ireland that grows giant vegetable and has multiple Guinness records.

Most farmers only do the first one. The others are more sciency.

1) Stick the male parts of the biggest plant in your garden, into the female parts of another huge plant in your garden.
2) Plant the seeds, this makes a bunch of new plants.
3) Goto 1.


1) shoot radiation at a bunch of seeds.
2) of the ones that didn’t die, keep the ones you like, toss the rest.

1) Package a bunch of plant DNA you think means “grow this to giant” in a bunch of “Copy this right now” DNA codes.
2) Literally shoot it into a seed with an [Gene Gun](
3) If it actually does grow giant, keep it.

Or in the near future if/when it’s finally developed.
1) Load up the genes you think mean “grow giant” into the thing bacteria use to store genes called CRISPR.
2) Write the genes in the place you want it.

It starts with trying to select the best seeds / varieties for doing it. Some farmers will selectively grow and propagate their plants to try and maximise size over several generations if they’re really trying to get the biggest fruit possible.

Then getting the right soil – to get a supersized fruit you need to have a large amount of nutrients in the soil – particularly the ones that encourage strong grown for that particular fruit (e.g. for pumpkins you need a lot of potassium and phosphorus)

You need to pay attention to how much water they’re getting too by using something like deep drip irrigation – it’s a balancing act because you’ve got to keep up a constant flow of water but also make sure your plants don’t sit in soil that’s too damp.

You need to thin your plants out too.I.e. rather than growing multiple fruits off the same plant you’ll thin it down to the best few and then ultimately the one you’re going to try and get supersized so that all the nutrients are going to the one fruit.

Then it’s just patience and a bit (a lot) of luck

Growing supersized fruits and vegies is really something you just do for fun too – more often than not the trade off for getting oversized fruits is that you sacrifice a lot of the taste so those giants fruits/vegies you see will usually taste like shit.