How do doorbells work?


How do doorbells work?

In: Engineering

1: Push button

2: Button sends signal wirelessly or through wires to chime

2a: Wirelessly is like using a TV remote, wired is like using the controls built into a TV

3: Chime receives signal and rings (or plays an audio file on fancier models)

Depends on the type of doorbell, many new ones are wifi enabled, but traditional doorbells that most people are familiar with are buttons/switches with electrical wires running through them, through the wall, and to a chime usually built into a wall somewhere closer to the middle of the house, though some are right inside the door.

Pushing the button completes an electrical circuit which causes the “bell” to go off

The doorbell is a simple circuit. When you press the button, it completes the circuit and hits a bell or plays a recorded sound.

I always thought it was pretty cool how the chime itself works when I first became an electrician.

Simple circuit. Involves a 12v transformer, a switch (the bell) and the chime. The chime uses an electromagnet, 2 metal bars that play a different note when striked, and a metal “striker”

When you press the bell it completes the circuit, bringing 12v to the electromagnet causing the striker to hit the bottom bar (ding) and when you release it the springs push the striker to the top bar (dong).