How can the body produce several bathroom trips’ worth of urine after hours of not eating or drinking?


I’m confused about how the body can continue producing urine after you’ve gone many hours without eating, drinking, or peeing, and you’ve already had your morning pee. For example, I’ll get to bed around 11 pm and wake around 5 or 6 am needing to go to the bathroom. I’ll pee a lot since I haven’t gone all night and then get back to bed. But I very often wake again in an hour or so having to pee just as badly as I did before. How is this possible if I haven’t consumed anything new and my body had all night to process waste that was then expelled with the first morning pee?

In: Biology

Whether or not you’re currently eating or drinking your body is burning fuel to continue, you know, the whole living thing.

Water is a byproduct of multiple parts of this process. At the end of the day you’re converting hydrocarbons like sugars and fats into water and CO2.

The plasma your red blood cells run through is primarily water. Also most of the cells in your body are “inflated” by mostly water. Kinda makes water pretty important.

Your kidneys filter your blood and uses some of the water in it to flush the contaminates it filters out into your bladder. The water you drink is absorbed by the small intestine and after many hours if not days it eventually makes it way to the bladder as urine.