ELIF why hangovers get so much better after a nap


As an experienced hangoverist I have noticed that if I can wake up, be hungover, then have a nap things seem to significantly improve. Faster than if I were to just tough it out and not nap.

What is it about a little bit of sleep that fixes a hangover?

In: Biology

There’s the possibility that staying awake during the come down period into hangover is because you are wasting more water in your system during recovery. TO keep you awake, cool and decent.

When you sleep, you conserve fluids and energy better than just sitting around. Also, while alcohol can interrupt your sleeping, it sort of helps to induce sleepiness and it might take some time before your body realizes its dehydrated and you wake up.

The best cure for hangover is hydration, before and during. after helps but takes time.

When you sleep while drunk you don’t get restful sleep. When you wake up with a hangover part of the crappy feeling is from not getting good sleep, so when you take a nap you get some quality sleep and that makes you feel a little better

Sleeping makes the hungover wear out without you actually experiencing the hungover effects, like if you were awake instead.