eli5:Why do phones lose battery when there not being used ?


eli5:Why do phones lose battery when there not being used ?

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because even when they’re not used, they’re still on. and just the fact that they’re on means that they use power.

if you’re talking about the fact that the battery drains when they’re turned “off” then the answer is that, even when they’re turned “off” they aren’t actually off. stuff is still happening in the back ground. and also batteries will naturally slowly discharge as well even when not in use. so if it’s been “off” for a long time, you may find the battery dead after a while.

2 fold. Batteries lose charge by itself even when not used. This is called self discharge and it’s part of the chemistry of the battery.

Second, just because the phone’s screen is off doesn’t mean it’s not running. Background processes are still running like keeping the cellular and wifi radios and GPS online.

The main reason is that your phone doesn’t actually turn off when it’s not being used. It’s still communicating information about you to cell towers to make sure you get texts and phone calls properly.

In true ELI5 fashion: your phone is basically saying “Hey, got any new texts for me?” and the internet is going “Nope! Not yet!”, and it responds “What about now?” and so on

One reason is because your phone is sending information back to the government. Recordings and such. That wastes a lot more batteries than a phone does normally though, so they invented the amazon alexa, which is plugged into the wall