ELi5: Why when standing on something very high I feel like I am getting pulled in? Ex an edge of a building or a cliff.


Not sure if it’s just me but every time I go hiking or when we travel to the top of structures when I look over the edge it feels like I am getting pulled in or over the edge.

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Consider it your bodies natural reaction to a dangerous situation. Your heart rate increases and less blood gets pumped through your digestive tract and instead goes towards your legs.

Vertigo. Most people naturally have a reaction of lightheadedness to large, sheer drops. We have this reaction because it’s unpleasant and makes us instinctually pull back from the edge. Our ancestors who didn’t have a strong reaction to the potential of lethal falls would die by falling more often than the ones who did, and so we are the ancestors of people who were afraid of cliff faces.

I often get the thought of jumping, no idea why and I would never do it, but the thought is there.