ELI5, What makes a weed a weed?


Is it just a personal bias against plants that grow well?

In: Biology

Pretty much, a weed is any wild plant growing in some sort of cultivated area. So unwanted plants growing in a garden or lawn might be considered weeds, while the same isn’t necessarily true for the same plants in a national park or other natural place.

A weed is just a plant growing in a place you dont want it to. Thats all.

If you are growing a lawn and a rare orchid pops up in the middle then the orchid is a weed.

If you are growing rare orchids and you find grass growing, then the grass is the weed.

It’s any plant growing where you don’t want it. For instance, corn that comes up in a soybean field is, in that instance, a weed.

You’ll often find that a weed is the only native thing in the area. That weed is just a plant. It spent millions of years evolving there, so it’s more successful than the other garden plants (not including weeds that have been introduced in recent centuries)

A plant that humans don’t like / a plant that we could like, but inhibit the success of other plants that we also like & probably need