Difference between weatherman/woman and meteorologist – and why they’re able to make good money?


I understand basics of both, but what I’m curious about is the experience they require and what their normal workday looks like.
From what I’ve been seeing they both make better money than most and require degrees and extensive knowledge…..forgive my ignorance but to me it seems like they could just “Google” the weather forecast and read it off “professionally”? Then just relax until they need to go back on? Rinse and repeat?

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A meteorologist studies the weather. Some meteorologists specialize in particular kinds of weather at particular scales – for example, some might specialize in forecasting the path and strength of a hurricane. Others do more mundane local forecasting, which depends on knowledge of local features like hills and typical wind patterns.

Typically the weatherman/woman you see on TV is using a local forecast published by some large weather agency. In the US, this is usually from the National Weather Service (a public agency that issues forecasts for US territory), but it can also be from private agencies like Accuweather. They’re less *making* the forecast than they are *interpreting* it in a way that is accessible to non-experts.