difference between “gifted” and “smart?”


People say that I am gifted but I think I am an idiot and being gifted is just a curse of higher expectations.


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I always think that being gifted means a certain topic or talent comes to you naturally and you can excel in said topic or talent.

Like its very easy for you to execute compared to others

being smart is just learning your way to achieve a higher level of understanding.

I view them as “potential” and “production”. Gifted implies a person has the ability to learn while smart implies they’ve learned quite a few things already.

My take on it is gifted is the ability to naturally pick up on a lot of subjects.

Smart is the ability to study well in a chosen topic.

I was called gifted when I was young and most subjects were easy. But I am not smart. So when slope intercept formula got introduced, I could not study to figure it out. To this day I can’t take a number sentence and process it into a line on a graph.

Exactly what are you “gifted” in? It’s a really ambiguous piece of vocabulary if you ask me. The term to me means:
You are so particularly excellent in a skill, hobby, sport, etc….. that it couldn’t be possible that you had the capacity to naturally learn what ever it is you’re “gifted” in; rather, it is just part of your DNA, almost unexplainable.

However, let’s make a complete 180:
Often times, I have heard the word “gifted” used to describe a simpleton, idiot, fool, buffoon, etc….

So…. do you trust the people who call you “gifted”?

Gifted pertains to natural intelligence. ‘Smart’ is a general term which accounts for both your natural intellect and *how much knowledge you have*.

To be more precise, one can be a genius from birth yet know nothing so it’s fair to say they aren’t so smart.

‘Smart’ isn’t dictated by how fast you can crunch those numbers, but rather *knowing* where to apply them.

Just remember knowledge is learnt not inherited. The world didn’t make it totally unfair for us non-geniuses out there. 😉

Gifted: can learn things easily or can pick up on things easily (musical prodigies, math wizzes, etc)

Smart: one who has learned a lot about a subject or array of subjects.

Mostly though, people tell you that as a faux-compliment to get on your good side or take advantage of you, at least that has been my experience as a “gifted” autistic man (the reason i include autistic is because many “gifted” people I know are also autistic)

Depending on the context, _gifted_ may mean that you are slightly faster at learning new things than the average person, or that you have shown a surprisingly good ability in something (e.g. hand to eye coordination in a new sport you are trying).

In terms of expectations and such, it’s important to bear in mind that a person’s productivity has much more to do with how they applied themselves over long periods. Top athletes may have been born with some lucky traits, but nevertheless work their butts off day-in, day-out, for years. Top academics may be intellectually gifted, but have studied and applied themselves in their fields for years and years. Basically nobody gets to the top without effort, and a “non-gifted” person can make it very surprisingly far. And in this sense, don’t look at failures as proof of one’s lack of giftedness, as this can lead to a bunch of bad habits, such as never wanting to take any risks. Rather, look at it as a function of effort put in to mastering something. If we lose to a stronger opponent, most times it’s because they put in more effort into training than we did.

IQ scores:

115 to 129: Above average or bright.

130 to 144: Moderately **gifted**.

145 to 159: Highly **gifted**.

160 to 179: Exceptionally **gifted**.

so I’d conclude 90-114 is smart

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