biologically, how does herding animals work?


biologically, how does herding animals work?

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Herding animals capitalizes on a behavior shared by some animals, interestingly called “herd animals”. Sheep have a behavior which causes them to stay in a group, because this makes it harder for a predator to attack them. Using sheep dogs to herd them capitalizes on this “feature”, using a dog to make them move from place to place in a big group.

The other post hits the nail on the hammer. But to expand a bit

One evolutionary, those who break off from the herd and those who are too slow fall out from the gene pool. Those who developed a complex understanding of the herd survived. The babies they produce are well adapted to the herd, being able to walk and run very early in life. [I think what baby looks like can tell you the evolutionary history of a creature] edit: I’m not implying that a creatures behavior causes better offspring on an individual level

Two Learned ann animal culture, animals can form social bonds, some familiar herds (bovines, equines, and what ever you call goats) have an understanding of who is a leader and hierarchy. The Herd may ve more of a accepted life style. [You ever watch a video of a herd animal interacting with a non herd animal? How rigid can that behavior really be]