Alpha/Beta/Omega in fanfiction. Wtf is it?


I am a fan content creator in a couple of communities and recently I’ve been getting a lot of requests for A/B/O or Alpha!(character name) and Beta!(other character name) or some such.

I have seen glances into this scrolling past it, and from the tag “knotting” I’m gonna assume this is some wolf or furry alternate universe trope?

Someone please explain I’m so confused but knowing the internet I’m kinda scared to look it up, but don’t want to miss out on potential commissions. Help.

In: Culture

Alpha: A person (typically male) who is in charge. Their orders are law and everyone obeys. Typically there is a challenge to their authority and it is settled via combat.

Beta: The second in command to an alpha. This character supports the alpha and obeys without question or challenge. If a challenge is presented, will often fight the challenger on behalf of the alpha or be prepared to step in in case the alpha is defeated.

Omega: The lowest of the low in a structured hierarchy. Not even considered or given the time of day.

Depending on how sexual in nature the fic is, different stereotypes are also given to the above. (e.g. the Beta and Alpha are dating with the Beta being totally submissive in the relationship; An omega pines for the alpha they’ll never have, maybe there is a one night stand with the alpha who denies it ever happened.) Also if you really wanted to write it as a wolf AU go for it.

It comes from the animal kingdom alpha beta and omega.

Alpha: the top of the clan (Very dominant personality usually.)

Beta: Basically the middle of the clan. Gets what ever is left over by the Alpha. (Both Dominant and Submissive)

Omega: The bottom of the clan. Gets whatever is leftover from everyone, if anything at all. (Usuallu a very submissive personality)

It is usually used with animal like characters to bring it closer to the animal kingdom.

I don’t know details, because i avoid it like the plague. But yes, it’s wolf pack au. Sort of. It’s like pack dynamics but with people. These stories often have an entire world like this with people being alpha’s (leader types), beta’s (majority) or omega’ s (the outcasts). You’ll probably find more info on fanlore. Knotting is a ‘wolf’ sex thing.

These stories can be as wild and as soft as you want. It’s a very popular genre. There’s nothing scary about it, don’t worry! I don’t like reading it myself, but not for any weird or scary reasons.

I was going to talk about alpha, beta and omega canon since you were talking about fanfiction, meaning to if they used official, non official and made up sources for their references.

And then you had to mention furries…

Alpha : Dominant male, usually in high stand in the clan/pack/tribe, regularly a warrior or hunter as well as a leader.

Beta : A submissive individual who is usually tasked to secondary tasks, some manufacturing, cleaning, even servant, will usually follow orders and will be happy to please a alpha.

Omega : bottom of the barrel outcast. last of the line.

As for knotting… Thank you for making me explain this /s

Many animals, particularly canines… to insure proper insemination of a female and avoid leakage will “knot”, meaning a buldge will be produced in their penis so its harder to remove from the vagina of of their mate (assuming heterosexual sex).

I suspect some sexual furry fan fiction expresses how that affects the sexual experience

i… have truly reached rock bottom, im explaining Yiff on ELI5